About Us

BohoMe is the UK based online retailer of jewellery and accessories which offer something different and intriguing.

Our mission is a simple one; we want to provide something special at price points for every pocket, and for those with a more bohemian taste, whether you’re influenced by chic, older hippie styles, modern glam styles, or quite simply, your own boho style.

At BohoMe, we aim to put a smile on your face with every purchase, and to ensure we do, we provide full descriptions, great pricing, amazing packaging, and super delivery. Our range is constantly growing, and we love knowing what you like and what you don’t – what we should be offering.

Quality is important to us and even our lowest price Boho Jewellery items will reach a standard of quality we would be happy to wear ourselves. Our sterling silver ranges, of course, are all supplied with our confirmation certificate, indicating we have checked that it is true sterling silver, and not silver plate.

We want you to be happy with every single item you buy for your Boho Jewellery collection from us, and to be sure you are, we have open feedback and support on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and of course, right here on our site too. We will always strive to put right any issue, and we’ll always be happy to do so – so please always feel free to ask, we will do all we can to help!

Happy BohoMe Shopping, people! Oh, and if you love reading about jewellery and fashion, health and much more, check out the BohoMe Blog too!

Your BohoMe Team.